Shaheed Smriti Multiple Campus (SSMC) established in 2037 (1980 A.D) in the eastern part of Chitwan district, is a committed and dynamic educational institution, providing quality courses in a serene academic environment that encourages students to achieve excellence in their studies. Qualitative teaching, public interest, outstanding well-equipped facilities and academic support and students' satisfaction are the central tenets of the educational system of the campus. SSMC has been running MBS Program, M.Ed. Program in Health Education, Educational Planning and Management, English Education, Nepali Education, Population Education, M.A. Program in Sociology to fulfill the requirements of this region in well-equipped and convenience surrounding with highly qualified, fully motivated and well experienced lecturers. SSMC is recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC) for its precious academic history and excellent results. UGC has selected this campus for Second Higher Education Project to develop the infrastructure and to enhance qualitative performance. It is the only community campus of this area which aims to impart quality education to develop excellent academic practitioners.

Academic Programs

Levels Subjects
B.A Nepali, Sociology, Population Studies and English (Proposed) .
B.Ed.(4yrs. / One Year) English Edu., Nepali Edu., Mathematics Edu., Health and Physical Edu., Population Edu. (With Major and Minor Specialization)
BBS Marketing, Account, Finance, Management
BBM Semester based Management Program
B.Sc. Proposed Program
B.S.W. Proposed Program
B.C.A. Proposed Program
MBS Marketing, Account, Finance, Management
M.Ed. Educational planning and Management. Health Edu., Population Edu., Nepali Edu., English Edu., Mathematics Edu.
M.A Sociology and Anthropology

Salient Features

  • Highly qualified, fully motivated and well experienced lecturers in different fields with well-furnished classrooms.
  • Well-facilitated modern library (more than 5,000 books and Economic and business journals) with internet facilities (E-Library)
  • Gold medal for college top student.
  • Scholarship for underprivileged and disadvantage groups.
  • Adequate sports and extra-curricular activities.
  • Modern teaching methods and aids in classroom teaching.
  • Classes by professors from central department of different faculties.
  • Educational visits to different corporate houses.
  • Full free ship for the students of Chepang Community.

Teaching method at SSMC

Teaching methods at SSMC reflect a combination of various techniques such as lectures, tutorials, demonstration, project work, report writing, field work. Students are encouraged to be more critical and creative to cope with the new challenges they will have to face in the future.